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November 21, 2011
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Suddenly the TV screen turned from dark and scary to glaringly bright and cheery as yet another commercial interrupted the movie.
"We should've just gotten a DVD..." Altair groaned. He nuzzled closer to Malik as he muted the TV. For a while they blankly watched the screen. A group of very stylish looking teenagers featured in an ad for CREED sweaters. At the end the brand's motto 'Everything is permitted.' flashed across the screen.
"Guess what..." Malik said, looking away from the TV and at Altair next to him. " 'Everything is permitted' is actually the second half of the last words of the first Hashishin leader: 'Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine.' "
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted...", translated Altair, thoughtfully. "Where do you get all these random facts?"
Malik shrugged.
"You know" Altair said. "I'm wearing a CREED hoodie right now. Does that make me an assassin?"
Malik chuckled quietly. "I doubt it...."
Altair sat up, pulling his hood up and down low over his eyes, attempting to look menacing. "You're sure about that, Malik?" he asked in a low voice and with a sudden lurch he was on top of Malik and pushed the remote threateningly to the other's throat like a dagger.
They looked each other into the eyes for a long moment and then Malik, ignoring the remote, leaned up towards Altair to kiss him. Altair leant into the kiss, deepening it, letting go of the pretend-dagger to snake his hand to the back of Malik's head to pull him closer. Then Altair felt the other pushing up and, moaning slightly into the kiss, let Malik flip them over. Before he knew what had happened he was pushed into the cushions by Malik and a mobile phone was pressed to his neck right under his chin.
Grinning, Malik broke their kiss. "If you were an assassin, you'd be a novice at best."
Last night I was inspired by two brilliant pictures by the equally brilliant :iconallahdammit: to write this very short oneshot.
The idea wouldn't leave my mind and I couldn't really fall asleep before I wrote it down. ..

Here are the links to the pictures who inspired this: [link] and [link]

(Obviously Malik and Altair belong to Ubisoft..... but then, they don't really have much in common with their game counterparts...)
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Poor Altair, forever a novice.
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